marissa cooper + the rainbow (for pepperspotterybarn)

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Just a simple reminder of how amazing Nina & Paul’s chemistry is :


Stelena : 




Steferine :






The whole Stefan/Elena/Katherine



Those only god knows who :


Silas & Katherine



Silas & Elena :



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sexiest gifs of dobsley

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Favorites moments per season  ‣ requested by borrowedheavenx

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(make me choose): alwaysbelieveinfairies, anon, anon, cosenangel, & valarmorghulisandstuff asked: spike or angel?

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#stefaaaaan #that goddamn left hand #paul what the fuck #how do you acting? #the little nervous tick of stefan #when he’s desperate for blood he taps his knuckles against a hard surface #when he’s desperate for his brother? #he stands still but he can’t keep his hand from moving #just a second ago damon was standing in front of him #stefan looked at the werewolf bite that’s going to kill is brother and he held onto him with that left hand #damon pulls away but stefan can’t let go #stefan cannot live in a world without damon #this is all he is thinking as he stares here #he can’t live like that #he won’t #and ultimately he doesn’t #and that left hand is everything #the anxious desperate physical sign that his mind is racing to find a solution #otp: your humanity’s showing #you are 70% water; i am 70% stefan stan #the vampire diaries (via)

Seeing someone else notice this makes me so happy.  I’m sure others have but no one has mentioned it until now.  It’s one of the things I always loved about him.  That bit of unsureness where his real age when he was turned seeps in and you go “for all the crap this guy has been dealt, he’s been dealing with it as this teenager who was turned into a vampire and deals with emotions both like a young adult and a person over a century old both together or sometimes separately”.  This is why Paul is so perfect in this role.  Those unsure eyes, that finger twitching.  It just makes you realize how human he is underneath all he puts out or does or doesn’t feel about himself on a daily basis.  And how prone he can be to slip into his true persona and show the real him when things get too out of hand for him to be able to handle.

Kudos to you and your insight!  You just upped my fan level of you (which was already pretty high!) by ridiculous amounts!

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the real question here is do I watch teen wolf????

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@EllenPompeo: @JillianDempsey your husband just gave me a ring and it’s GORGEOUS!  #jilliandempseyjewelery

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10 seasons, a milestone. #throwback

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whatever else happens in television I’ll always have Buffy 

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